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     If there is  a product in Castilla La Mancha that  distinguishes the regional gastronomy it is without doubt  Manchego cheese. Manchego Cheese has become a Heritage of World Culture and is representative of the customs of the region that it comes from.

     The History of Manchego Cheese is as old as the tradition of raising sheep in the region and time has not changed the essential creation of the product. This cheese has always had its cylindrical shape, its creamy consistency, ivory yellow colour, irregular holes and its external appearance with the “flower” printed on its flat sides and the “pleita “ printed on its rounded sides. 


Region of manufacture:  La Mancha.
Type of milk
: Raw or pasteurized milk from Manchega ewe.
Type of cheese: pressed and firm.
Normal shape: cylindrical.
Covering: Hard, yellow to brownish-gray with prints from the mould with a flower printed on its flat sides and  the  “pleita” pattern on its rounded sides.
Consistency: firm, compact, good density, ivory colour.
Holes: few and irregularly distributed.
Fat contents: (MG/ES) minimum 50%.
Ageing: minimum of two to nine months.
Appearance in market:  Retains its natural appearance from manufacture legally labelled by cheese makers, caseina plaque, and a second label from the Regulatory Council.
Comsumption: year round.
Preservation: long lasting preserves well. If stored in olive oil lasts up to two years.

How to choose a good manchego cheese:

- By sight: Cylindrical with very distinctive designs: yellow or brownish-grey.
- By smell:  
Very good aroma strong and characteristic  of ewe’s milk.
- By touch: Firm, compact’ dense and slightly oily.
- By taste: Strong flavour, tasty, good bouquet and aftertaste.


- PH:  4.8 to 5.8.
- Dry extract: 55% minimum.
- Fat: 50% minimum  above dry extract.
- Complete protein above dry extract. 30% minimum.
- Free of goat or cow milk.
- Staphilococus aureus: 100Col / gr maximum.
- Salmonella- Shigella: Absence in 25 gr.
- Listeria Monocytogenes: Absence in 25 gr.
- Escherichia coli: 1000 Col /gr maximum


     All of the commercial labels have “manchego cheeses” prominently visible. Above the label there is another label with the number, series and logo of the “Denominación de origen “of Manchego cheese.

     In our constant effort to improve and offer higher quality, we have been certified by the Quality norms of BRC and IFS, two of the more rigorous food quality norms currently in operation.




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Series and logo of the Denominación de origen “of Manchego cheese


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